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Introduces the use of road and traffic orders to improve and maintain trunk roads and motorways.

First published:
22 August 2019
Last updated:

Road Traffic Regulation Act orders

Traffic orders impose traffic restrictions and prohibitions for purposes including:

  • improving and maintaining highways
  • reducing danger
  • preventing damage
  • improving  traffic movement
  • improving air quality

The types of traffic restrictions and prohibitions include:

  • road closures
  • introducing or varying speed limits
  • prohibiting turns
  • introducing waiting or loading restrictions

Highways Act Orders

Highways Act orders include:

  • line orders; establishing the route of a new road
  • side road orders; creating new roads, footpaths, bridleways and private access for new roads
  • compulsory purchase orders; acquiring land and rights required to build new roads

Stopping up orders

Stopping up orders remove the right of access over a highway to enable a development.

All published road orders.