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4. What happens next

You will receive a decision:

  • within 24 hours for an EAP application made between Monday and Friday (if you apply on a Friday afternoon you may have to wait until the Monday)
  • within 10 working days for an IAP application

Paid EAP applications receive:

  • a PayPoint voucher or BACS payment to cover the cost of food, gas and electricity and emergency travel
  • vouchers to help you buy clothes

* We need a full 24 hours to make a decision on your application and are unable to provide an update during this time.*

Paid IAP applications receive:

  • white goods from AO Retail Limited – 01204 672893 Monday - Friday 8:30am – 6pm or  E-mail
  • other household items from The Furnishings Service (TFS) – 01355 587744 Monday - Friday 9am – 5pm (4pm on Friday)

The suppliers will be in touch to understand your requirements and arrange delivery. 

You may receive a telephone call, SMS text or in some cases an email. 

Follow the instructions that you receive if you are asked to arrange your delivery through a website link. 

Please allow 24 hours from notification of award before contacting suppliers.

Refused EAP / IAP applications: Outcome sent by post or e-mail.

If your application is unsuccessful on the basis you have already received an award for the items being requested or have made an application for items without Approved Partner support, it is unlikely that a decision will be overturned. 

If your application is unsuccessful, you can request a review.

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