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Woodlands and trees make a big difference not just to our lives but potentially to those of future generations too.

The environments they create offer opportunities for people, businesses and biodiversity. The timber they yield is a renewable resource that helps to lock up carbon.  

Our vision is that ‘Wales will be known for its high quality woodlands that enhance the landscape, are appropriate to local conditions and have a diverse mixture of species and habitats’.

These woodlands will:

  • provide real social and community benefits, both locally and nationally
  • support thriving woodland-based industries
  • contribute to a better quality environment throughout Wales.

To help us meet our vision we are supported by a Woodland Strategy Advisory Panel. The panel has 18 members whose interests and experience span most of the diverse roles of woodlands in Wales. They advise on:

  • the development of  policies relating to trees and woodlands in Wales
  • advice on the implementation of the Woodland for Wales Strategy
  • commissioning research and evidence to support forestry policy development.

The panel also report to Welsh Ministers on disputed decisions of Natural Resources Wales as prescribed in the Forestry Act 1967 (external link).

The Minister for Natural Resources selected the membership of the Woodland Strategy Advisory Panel and the appointments will be for a minimum 2 years.

More information about forestry in Wales is also available from Natural Resources Wales (external link).