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2. Full-time undergraduates

Eligible first time undergraduates are able to apply for financial support  to help with living costs while studying. The support is a combination of grants and loans (depending on eligibility), and for most will be equivalent to the National Living Wage. Students must be under 60 years old on the first day of the first academic year of their course to access an undergraduate maintenance loan.

Full-time undergraduates could be eligible for up to £12,260 a year towards their living costs if they live away from home and study in London and £9,810 per year in the rest of the UK.

Every eligible student will receive a grant of at least £1,000 regardless of household income. Students from homes with lower household income may be eligible for a grant of up to £10,124 if studying in London or up to £8,100 if studying in the rest of the UK. This grant does not have to be paid back.

Living away from home : Outside London
Household income Grant Loan Total
£18,370 £8,100 £1,710 £9,810
£25,000 £6,947 £2,863 £9,810
£35,000 £5,208 £4,602 £9,810
£45,000 £3,469 £6,341 £9,810
£59,200 or over £1,000 £8,810 £9,810
Living away from home : In London
Household income Grant Loan Total
£18,370 £10,124 £2,136 £12,260
£25,000 £8,643 £3,617 £12,260
£35,000 £6,408 £5,852 £12,260
£45,000 £4,174 £8,086 £12,260
£59,200 or over £1,000 £11,260 £12,260
Living at home
Household income Grant Loan Total
£18,370 £6,885 £1,450 £8,335
£25,000 £5,930 £2,405 £8,335
£35,000 £4,488 £3,847 £8,335
£45,000 £3,047 £5,288 £8,335
£59,200 or over £1,000 £7,335 £8,335

Under the support package, students will be eligible for loans to cover tuition fees. Most students won’t have to pay anything upfront for their course.

Students who began their course before August 2018 will continue to receive the student support package they currently get.

In addition to living costs and tuition fee support you could get the following support:

Childcare Grant – you could receive a Childcare Grant as a contribution towards the cost of your childcare if you have children in registered or approved childcare and are studying at an intensity of 50% or more. You won’t qualify for this grant if either you or your partner claims the child element of Working Tax Credit or Universal Credit, Childcare Allowance from the NHS or Tax-Free Childcare from HMRC. 

Parents’ Learning Allowance - you could receive help with course-related costs if you have a dependent child or children. The maximum amount you could get is £1,776 per year but this will depend on your household income and course intensity. 

Adult Dependants’ Grant - you can only apply for Adult Dependants’ Grant if you have a partner or another adult who is financially dependent on you. And you can only apply for this grant once. The maximum amount you could get is £3,094 per year but this will depend on your household income and course intensity.

Disabled Students’ Allowances - these are available to students to cover the additional study-related costs you may have as a direct result of a disability, long-term health condition, mental health condition or specific learning difficulty.The amount you get isn’t based on your household income. It’s based on your individual needs and your course intensity. The following table shows the types of help and the maximum amounts available for full-time study.

Allowance Maximum amount available
Non-medical helper £23,258 per year
Specialist equipment £5,849 for the whole course
General allowance £1,954 per year
Disability-related travel Reasonable spending on additional travel costs incurred as a result of your condition.

Bursaries and scholarships - some universities and colleges may offer discretionary bursaries or scholarships. You can talk to your Student Support Service to see what additional financial help may be available to you. If you’re on a course which leads to a qualification in medicine, dentistry or healthcare then you might be able to get a bursary from the National Health Service (NHS). Visit the Student Award Services website to find out further information.

Further information about support is available on the Student Finance Wales website.

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All figures are subject to regulations being made.