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Every time you talk with children you help their brains to grow…

You know that talking with little ones makes their brains grow even more – helping to give children the best start in life, make friends more easily, and feel happier.

We have brought together a range of tools, tips, and advice to help parents understand the importance of their role in getting their little ones talking. We would love you to share these tools with the families you work with.  

Tools for practitioners

All Wales Speech, Language and Communication (SLC) training pathway tool
Guidance for childcare practitioners working with children aged 0 to 4 years 11 months to help identify SLC training needs.
Learning to talk: stages of speech and language development
Printable chart showing what to look for during a child's development.
Resources and webinars to help you as a practitioner.
Early Intervention Foundation
Activities that support adult-child interaction.
Speech, Language and Communication Delivery Plan
Our commitment to promoting and supporting children’s speech language and communication needs.

Contact us if there’s anything else you would find helpful.


Information for parents

When you talk with your little one, you help their brain to grow even more, giving them the best start in life.