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“Every time you talk with me you help my brain to grow...”

Your child’s brain is amazing!

Your child’s brain is always growing and making new connections.

When you talk with your little one, you help their brain to grow even more, giving them the best start in life. Playing, listening, and chatting with them can help them learn to talk. This will mean they can make friends more easily and help them to feel happier.

We have lots of tools, tips, and advice to help you to get your little one talking.

Watch me…

From before they are born until they grow up, you can have a positive impact on your child. Look at these fun videos for our top ten tips to get your child talking…


Read me…

Top 10 tips poster
Check out our easy to use summary of the Top 10 Tips for helping your child learn to talk…
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Learning to talk: ages and stages
Learning to talk: ages and stages
Take a look at our handy chart for more info on the different stages of your child’s talking journey.

Looking for more?

Follow the links to our favourite websites all designed to support you and help your child to talk.

Hungry little minds
Simple, fun activities for children, from newborn to five years.
Tiny Happy People
Advice from the BBC to help your child develop - simple activities and play ideas.
Look, say, sing, play
Tips from NSPCC to help you bring looking, saying, singing and play into your daily routine.
General language development
Language development and tips from Oxford Brookes ‘Babylab’.
Facts, myths, tips and questions about bilingualism from Oxford Brookes ‘Babylab’.
Managing your child’s behaviour
‘Top Tips’ from a Speech and Language Therapist.

Guidance for practitioners

A range of tools, tips, and advice for you to share with parents to help them understand the importance of their role in getting their little ones talking.