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Local services and third sector

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Local government
Third sector

Local government

Local government provides vital public services in Wales - such as social care and education. Council run services have hundreds of thousands of daily interactions with people and businesses in their areas. Responsibility for planning for services through and now following EU transition sits with each local authority.

The Welsh Government has been working closely with local government and sharing information to help them prepare for the UK to leave the EU. Support, guidance and information sharing will continue following the transition period.

A Local Government EU Transition Advisory Panel bringing together chief executives and other representatives from local government with Welsh Government officials has met regularly since 2018, and will continue to meet through 2021. It ensures strong communication and that a co-ordinated approach is adopted across the wide range of services local authorities are responsible.

There are a number of service-specific engagement forums, on which local authorities are represented, including the Welsh Government’s ports and airports planning steering group and the Welsh Government’s health and social care EU transition leadership group.

The Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) received funding to help local authorities develop their planning for EU exit. In conjunction with Grant Thornton, some of this funding was used to develop a Brexit preparedness toolkit and Brexit exposure dashboards to help them identify and address local impacts. Local authorities also received funding directly from the Welsh Government, to ensure they had a dedicated resource to undertake the necessary planning, co-ordination and preparation work for EU transition.

The WLGA has held a number of EU transition planning events for local government officers across Wales on a range of key EU transition-related issues.

Third sector organisations

Many communities in Wales benefit from services delivered by third sector organisations either directly or in partnership with public sector bodies.

Third sector organisations may be affected by leaving the EU in different ways, depending on the type of services they provide; the people and communities they serve and the people they employ.

In 2019 the WCVA published research on empowering communities in the context of Brexit, which identified the support needed to ensure that the third sector is resilient and able to deal with any challenges and opportunities presented by the end of transition. In response to a number of these recommendations Welsh Government supported WCVA in developing a new online Third Sector Knowledge Project to create a long-term legacy post-Brexit.

In partnership with Cardiff University, the WCVA has established the Wales Civil Society Forum on Brexit. The purpose of the Forum is to get a clear steer from members on their key areas of Brexit interest, what their main concerns are and what they want to influence.

If you want to find out more about these projects please contact the WCVA directly at Please contact the Welsh Government third sector unit if you have any others queries:

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