Preparing Wales to leave the EU

Preparing Wales to leave the EU

The UK government has failed to get the UK Parliament’s agreement to its proposed deal to leave the EU. This has led the EU to extend the UK’s proposed departure date to 31st October 2019, but the UK could leave earlier if a withdrawal agreement is agreed by MPs.

The risk of the UK leaving the EU with no deal by the end of October is now very real, a result that would be disastrous for Wales.

As a responsible government we are preparing for both an agreed exit and a no deal exit from the EU, taking action to protect the interests of Wales and its people.

This website sets out advice for citizens, organisations and sectors across Wales about the steps that need to be taken to prepare to leave the EU and will be updated regularly.

Through our White Paper – Securing Wales's Future - and subsequent policy papers on trade, migration, regional investment and devolution, we have published evidence, analysis and detailed proposals for a Brexit that would protect jobs and the Welsh economy. More information can be found at: Securing Wales’ Future.