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Information on area of woodland, new planting, economic output and the amount of visits to woodland.

First published:
18 October 2013
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Further information

The aim of the indicators is to monitor progress towards achieving the 20 high level outcomes described in Woodlands for Wales. Many of the indicators relate to more than one of the high level outcomes. As some aspects of woodlands and trees change slowly, some indicators are not updated every year. Instead they're updated every two, three, or five years, in line with the reporting programme of the National Forest Inventory and some Natural Resources Wales surveys.

Some information is only available for limited periods or areas, while for some indicators there is only a baseline figure at present. A few of the indicators are still under development and reporting against these should occur in future years. For more information on the quality of the statistics and the definitions used please refer to the ‘Key quality information’ and ‘Glossary’ sections towards the end of the report.