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Cross Compliance: 2017 rules and guidance

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Updated Famers’ Cross Compliance Factsheets.

The vast majority of Cross Compliance rules continue to apply as notified in 2016, but the following Factsheets have been updated for 2017 to reflect changes in requirements and good practice:

  • GAEC 3: Water- Groundwater
  • GAEC 6: Soil and Organic Matter – Maintenance
  • GAEC 7: Maintenance of Landscape Features
  • SMR 2: Wild Birds
  • SMR 8: Sheep and goat identification
  • SMR 10: Restrictions on the use of Plant Protection Products
  • SMR 11: Welfare Standards for the Protection of Calves
  • SMR 12: Welfare Standards for the Protection of Pigs
  • SMR 13: Welfare Standards for the Protection of Animals Kept for Farming Purposes.

Verifiable Standards 2017

The verifiable standards for 2017 have also been updated to reflect the changes.

Document Download

Adobe PDF document
Useful contacts (File size: 37KB)
Adobe PDF document
SMR 2: Wild Birds (File size: 60KB)
Adobe PDF document
SMR 4: Food and Feed Law (File size: 51KB)
Adobe PDF document
GAEC 3: Water- Groundwater (File size: 47KB)