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Cross Compliance

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Farmers claiming the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) and Welsh Government Rural Communities - Rural Development area based schemes must adhere to Cross Compliance.

This is a European regulatory requirement setting standards that farmers have to meet in order to receive Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) payments. There are two elements to Cross Compliance:

  • Statutory Management Requirements (SMR’s)
  • standards for keeping land in ‘Good Agricultural and Environmental Condition’ (GAEC).

These are European Union obligations covering:

  • environment, climate change and GAEC
  • public health, animal health and plant health
  • animal welfare.

Failure to meet any of these Cross Compliance standards could result in a financial penalty being imposed on your Direct Payments including the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS); and additionally Welsh Government Rural Communities - Rural Development area based schemes.

The vast majority of Cross Compliance rules continue to apply each year, but there are some changes which are explained in each year's Cross Compliance page.