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The Commons Act 2006 Advisory Group

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The Commons Act 2006 Advisory Group will advise the Welsh Government in taking forward the provisions as set out in the Commons Act 2006.

The Group will work with the Welsh Government in:

  • advising on issues associated with the implementation of the Act as they are taken forward in Wales. Including method, form and timing of the implementation of:
    • part 1 – Registration
    • part 2 – Management
    • part 4 – Miscellaneous
  • considering issues concerning the implementation of Part 3: Works of the Act, as and when required
  • considering and advising on the wider common land policy as and when that impacts on the implementation of the Act.

Member organisations have been invited to join the group on the basis of experience, expertise and/or interest in common land. The organisations represented are as follows:

  • Farmers Union of Wales
  • National Farmers Union
  • Countryside Council for Wales
  • Upland Forum
  • National Sheep Association
  • Commons Forum
  • Brecon Beacons National Park
  • Central Association of Agricultural Valuers
  • Association of Commons Registration Authorities

Individual members include a Commons Registration Officer, a Commons Development Officer and a solicitor experienced in Common Land law.