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Event type: Community, Farming, Food, Forestry
Date: 03 August 2016
Location: Ladywell House, Newtown


Community Farming Food Forestry

On 3rd August 2016, the Wales Rural Network Support Unit hosted a LEADER workshop at the Welsh Government Offices, Newtown.

The event was well attended by approximately 50 delegates, with representation from each Welsh Local Action Group (LAG).

The main objective of the workshop was to strengthen the knowledge capacity of LAGs by providing support and guidance on LEADER and cooperation.  

The event contained updates and presentation in the following areas:

  • LEADER Co-operation update 
  • presentations from Transnational Co-operation Projects: Taste Local And Adding value to community tourism
  • Superfast Exploitation Programme - Update
  • discussion on current LEADER projects under Theme 5: Exploitation of digital technology
  • monitoring and evaluation requirements update
  • cross cutting themes update
  • Wales Rural Network update.
An electronic copy of the presentation and supporting literature utilised at the event can be found below.