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Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme 2014-2020

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The day before the UK Government triggers Article 50, the Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs delivered a £223million boost to Wales’ rural communities.
We are continuing with the delivery of our EU funding programmes in Wales.
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This programme is funded by the European Union’s European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) and by the Welsh Government.

The Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 was adopted by the European Commission on 26 May 2015.

It is a 7 year investment programme supporting a wide range of activities which contribute to the following objectives:

  • fostering the competitiveness of agriculture
  • ensuring the sustainable management of natural resources, and climate action
  • achieving a balanced territorial development of rural economies and communities including the creation and maintenance of employment.

New General Data Protection Regulation - Privacy Notice for Welsh Government Rural Communities – Rural Development Programme 2014-2020 effective from 25th May 2018

All projects funded by the Programme must align with one or more of the following 6 European Rural Development Priorities:

  • fostering knowledge transfer and innovation in agriculture, forestry, and rural areas
  • enhancing farm viability and competitiveness of all types of agriculture in all regions and promoting innovative farm technologies and the sustainable management of forests
  • promoting food chain organisation, including processing and marketing of agricultural products, animal welfare and risk management in agriculture
  • restoring, preserving and enhancing ecosystems related to agriculture and forestry
  • promoting resource efficiency and supporting the shift towards a low carbon and climate resilient economy in agriculture, food and forestry sectors
  • promoting social inclusion, poverty reduction and economic development in rural areas.

Project funding can be accessed thorough the schemes noted below. Some schemes operate through windows that will open and close regularly through the life of the programme.

Expressions of Interest (EOIs) must be submitted using the relevant form for each scheme. They should provide an outline of the proposed investment, explaining how the project will deliver against each of the assessment criteria for that EOI window. Applicants that are successful at EOI stage will be invited to second stage to submit a full application.

Current EOI Window Details


Indicative allocation

Expected maximum number of full applications

Window opens

Window closes

EOI Decision Date

Food Business Investment Scheme






Rural Community Development Fund






Sustainable Management Scheme






Rural Business Investment Scheme - Food






Co-operative Forest Planning Scheme

Closed – future dates to be confirmed

Timber Business Investment Scheme

Closed – future dates to be confirmed

Co-operation and Supply Chain Development

Closed – future dates to be confirmed

Sustainable Production Grant Scheme

Closed – future dates to be confirmed

Farm Business Grant

See FBG web page for opening dates

Micro Small Business Fund


Programme window open

Tourist Amenity Investment Support               


Programme window closed

Regional Tourism Engagement Fund


Closed – future dates to be confirmed

Tourism Product Investment Fund


Closed – future dates to be confirmed

Wales Rural Network

The Wales Rural Network is a one-stop-shop for news, events and information about rural development, helping to make connections with other people, communities, organisations and businesses across rural Wales and beyond.

Programme Monitoring Committee

A single Programme Monitoring Committee (PMC) (external link) oversees the implementation of the RDP and the other European Structural and Investment (ESI) funds, to ensure they achieve maximum impact.

Rural Development Programme document

The Rural Development Programme is a high level document developed around Common EU rural development priorities. Each priority is broken down into more detailed areas of intervention called "focus areas". The Rural Development Programme sets quantified targets against these focus areas, on the basis of a needs analysis. It also sets out a package of measures which will be used to achieve the targets, and how much funding will be allocated to each measure. It does not provide details of how the package of measures will be implemented or details of the investment schemes that will be used to deliver the funding to Rural Development Programme beneficiaries.

For details of legislation, please see:

European Union Regulations (external link)
State Aid (external link)
Statutory Instruments (external link).

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