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Programme Monitoring Committee

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Under the Rural Development Regulation (Council Regulation (EC) 1698/2005) each rural development programme is required to establish a Monitoring Committee which will “satisfy itself as to the effectiveness of the implementation of the Programme”.

The Welsh Government has a Programme Monitoring Committee (PMC) for the Rural Development Programme for Wales 2007 - 2013.
The Regulation requires representation on the Committee from organisations of:

  • the competent regional, local authority and other public authorities 
  • the economic and social partners  
  • any other appropriate body representing civil society, non -governmental organisations, including environmental organisations, and bodies responsible for promoting equality between men and women .

The organisations represented on the Programme Monitoring Committee for Wales are shown below. The Membership of the Committee may change over the lifetime of the Programme.

Members of the Programme Monitoring Committee

  • Strategic Food and Drink Advisory Group
  • Countryside Council for Wales 
  • Environment Agency 
  • Natural Resources Wales 
  • Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences
  • Welsh Local Government Association  
  • Federation of Small Businesses 
  • Country Landowners Association 
  • Farmers Union of Wales 
  • Food Centre Network Wales 
  • National Farmers Union 
  • Sector Skills Council 
  • Confederation of Forest Industries
  • Young Farmers' Clubs 
  • Menter Mon 
  • National Trust 
  • Wales Council for Voluntary Action 
  • Wales Environment Link

Specialist Advisors

  • Welsh Language Board 
  • Chwarae Teg 
  • Welsh European Funding Office 
  • European Commission
  • European Fisheries Fund
  • Equality and Human Rights Division

For further information about the Programme Monitoring Committee, please contact the Secretariat: