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1. Main points

In 2019 police forces in Wales recorded 4,317 road accidents involving personal injury, 95 more (2.5% higher) than in 2018. Although this represents a small increase this year, over the longer term, accidents have fallen substantially.

These recorded accidents resulted in 5,789 casualties, 21 more than in 2018.

In recent years the number of accidents resulting in serious injury or fatalities has been relatively stable.

Increase in recorded accidents

Two police forces had an increase in recorded accidents; South Wales (5.5%) and Gwent (13.1%)

There was a significant drop in accidents recorded by South Wales Police in 2018. The uncertainty of this drop was discussed in our 2018 release. While there has been an increase in 2019, the figures continue to follow the long term trend of a reduction in South Wales.

Over the past year, Gwent Police have implemented a review of the process of recording accidents. The results of this review have likely contributed to an increase in the number of accidents being recorded and the observed increase seen in 2019.

Chart 1: The number of reported accidents in Wales has been falling since 2013.

Of the 5,789 casualties recorded on Welsh roads in 2019:

  • 1,190 people were killed or seriously injured (KSI)
  • 98 people were killed, 10 fewer (9.2% lower) than in 2018
  • 1,092 people were seriously injured, 63 more (6.1% higher) than in 2018
  • 4,599 people were slightly injured, 32 fewer (0.7% lower) than 2018

Chart 2:  The number of killed or seriously injured have been on decline with the lowest level recorded in 2012.

2. 2020 accident targets

Welsh Government set three targets to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured (KSI) on Welsh roads by 2020 when compared with the average for 2004 to 2008.

The current (2019) progress towards the 2020 targets shows that:

  • all KSI have dropped by 15.4% against the 40% target
  • Young people KSI have dropped by 41.4% against the 40% target
  • motorcyclists KSI have dropped by 3.9% against 25% target

Due to the increase in police recorded road accidents in 2019, the progress on each of the targets has worsened compared to 2018

Chart 3 shows the progress that has been made to date towards the 2020 set targets for reduction in killed or seriously injured casualties in each of the categories indicated.

3. Quality information

Quality information can be found in our 2018 report.

The data is available on StatsWales and our interactive dashboard has been updated.

4. Contact details

Statistician: Nicole Scully
Telephone: 0300 025 0066

Media: 0300 025 8099

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