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Funding is available to support communities to tackle loneliness and isolation. Local authorities and County Voluntary Councils can apply for this funding in partnership.

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29 September 2021
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Anyone of any age and any background can experience loneliness and social isolation. It can affect our physical and mental well-being.

We published our first strategy for tackling loneliness and social isolation in February 2020. We want everyone to have the chance to develop meaningful social relationships. To help create more opportunities for people to connect, we have established a 3 year Loneliness and isolation fund.

Who can apply

Local authorities and County Voluntary Councils (CVCs) must form a partnership to apply for funding. They must submit a joint proposal. This needs to show how they will spend the money in their local area to support local and community groups who bring people together.

Partnerships must be able to demonstrate:

  • why loneliness and isolation needs to be addressed in their area (including any impact from the pandemic)
  • how the proposed activities will be managed and delivered
  • what outcomes they are expecting to achieve

They will also need to show how their proposal fits with one or more of the loneliness and social isolation strategy’s 4 priority areas:

  • increasing opportunities for people to connect
  • a community infrastructure that supports connected communities
  • cohesive and supportive communities
  • building awareness and promoting positive attitudes

How much funding is available

£500,000 is available in each of the three years (2021/22, 2022/23 and 2023/24).

This will be allocated equally across the 22 local authority areas in Wales for the duration of the fund.

What can be funded

Examples of the types of activities that we will fund include (but are not limited to):

  • scaling up existing activities
  • helping organisations to re-establish themselves after the pandemic
  • helping organisations to promote themselves more widely
  • the use of suitable venues

The funding can be used for revenue costs only, it cannot be used for capital costs and cannot duplicate any existing funding. 

How to apply

1. Establish a partnership and nominate a grant manager. Your partnership must include at least one local authority and one CVC.  The grant manager must be from a local authority.

2. Complete the application form. Supporting information can also be submitted with your application form. This could include:

  • project plans
  • communication plans
  • organisational and relationship diagrams
  • anything else you consider useful in support of your application

3. Email your application and supporting information by 27 October 2021.

We will run this process electronically as far as possible. Please contact us if you:

  • need the application pack in an alternative format
  • need to submit your completed application in hard copy

Loneliness and social isolation team

Telephone: 03000 253095

We are happy to work with public and third sector partners to enable national take up of this funding. If you need any further support please do not hesitate to contact a member of the loneliness and social isolation team.

Privacy notice

The ‘Privacy notice: Welsh Government grants’ sets out how we will handle any personal data you provide in relation to a grant application or request for grant funding.

The Welsh Government will not require applicants to collect or provide personal information as part of the grant application process or as part of the activities the grant will fund.

The grant manager will be the data controller for any personal information it collects or processes in the delivery of the grant funded activity and will need to undertake its own Data Protection Impact Assessment.