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Cafcass Cymru is led by Nigel Brown, Chief Executive, and he is supported by a Senior Leadership Team.

Senior Leadership Team

The senior leadership team consists of managers from across Wales and across all departments. They provide strategic direction and leadership, manage service delivery and promote and lead change across the organisation.

Our staff values

We want children and families to have confidence in the way we work. Our values set out the behaviours we expect all our staff to demonstrate during their duties for Cafcass Cymru.

These 6 values are:

  • Child-centred  - the child first
  • Integrity  -  we are honest, trustworthy and transparent
  • Respect  -  we listen to others and involve them in what we do
  • Collaboration  -  we add value through our partnerships
  • Quality  - we are professional; we deliver timely services to a high standard
  • Innovation  -  we listen, we learn and we look for better ways of doing things

To demonstrate this commitment, we measure our individual and collective success against the values through our performance management reviews. Performance management reviews are undertaken annually, in line with the Welsh Government Performance Management Policy.

Staff training

All of our staff who have direct involvement with family court cases are qualified, experienced social workers, who want to improve the lives of children in Wales. They are all registered with Social Care Wales and have a validated qualification in social work.

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