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New Terms

31 new terms were added to TermCymru on 22 October 2021.

TermCymru on META-SHARE

Following a busy 18 months, we've updated the copy of TermCymru on the META-SHARE website. You can now download a complete copy of the database, including our COVID-19 terms and recent additions such as the list of international place-names. The details are on the TermCymru on META-SHARE page.

International place-names

The Translation Service has standardised a list of over 250 names of states, territories and stateless nations, which have been added to TermCymru. The background to the work and a full list of the names can be found on the page International place-names. An explanation of the principles which underpinned the decisions can be found (in Welsh only) in the Arddulliadur, in the item Dynodi enwau gwladwriaethau, tiriogaethau a chenhedloedd diwladwriaeth.