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Making sure everyone has access to fast and reliable digital infrastructure.

First published:
18 June 2019
Last updated:

Extending fibre broadband coverage

Our Superfast Cymru project transformed the digital landscape of Wales. The majority of properties across the country are now able to access fast fibre broadband. This was in partnership with BT with a public sector investment of more than £200 million. This included funding from the European Regional Development Fund.

There are still properties without access to fast broadband which the private sector has no plans to address. We are working with Openreach to rollout superfast broadband to a further 26,000 properties across Wales. This is one part of our efforts to help reach these remaining properties.

Funding connectivity solutions

Fibre is not the only solution for the remaining properties without access to fast broadband. Other technologies can bring fast broadband to areas where our topography is a major challenge. We can fund connectivity for individuals, businesses and communities through our grant schemes.

Connecting the public sector

Our public sector broadband network connects public sector organisations. It provides cost effective digital infrastructure to help provide excellent public services.

Taking steps to boost mobile coverage

We have developed a mobile action plan. This is how we will work with the mobile phone industry and Ofcom to provide connectivity to meet the needs of people and businesses.

Looking to the future

We want Wales to be a at the forefront of new technologies. We are working to enable the market roll out of fifth generation (5G) mobile networks and other technologies.

Making Wales’ voice heard

Telecommunications policy is not devolved to Wales. We work closely with the UK Government, telecommunications operators and Ofcom. This helps us to understand market plans, influence UK policy and take action that is right for Wales.

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