The Youth Work Excellence Awards are an opportunity to recognise and celebrate outstanding youth work projects, youth workers and those involved in youth work across Wales. 


There are 9 Youth Work Excellence Awards all of which can be nominated by stakeholders and colleagues of the project or individual being nominated.  The definition below tells you a little more about each category and what the judges will be looking for.

There are six Awards for Outstanding Youth Work Projects:

Promoting heritage and cultures in Wales and beyond

This category should highlight excellence in projects which promote the Welsh Language and culture (in any country) as well as the heritage of the young people engaged in the project

Promoting health, wellbeing and active lifestyles

Entries to this category can include activities and projects to promote positive mental health, promote good physical health and activity, smoking/drug/alcohol cessation, and any project which promotes good or improved wellbeing of young people

Engagement with formal education, employment or training

This category can include school or employment based projects, and projects encouraging young people to re-engage with formal education

Promoting the arts, media and digital skills

Entries to this category should highlight excellence in any project which promotes the use of, or participation in any of the arts, media or digital skills to improve services for young people or to increase their skills. 

Promoting young people’s rights

This category is for projects which promote or raise awareness of young people’s rights including awareness of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC).

Promoting equality and diversity

Whilst all categories will be expected to demonstrate equality and diversity of staff and young people involved, this category is specifically for projects which excel in raising awareness of, and promoting equality and diversity of young people

There are three Awards for individuals:

Outstanding Youth Worker

People nominated under this category should be a qualified youth worker who goes above and beyond their normal role to be exceptional

Outstanding Youth Work Volunteer

People nominated under this category must be unpaid for the role they are being nominated for and applications will need to demonstrate the outstanding contribution they make to young people as an individual or through a project. 

Making a difference

Applications under this category can be for anyone who has made a difference to the lives of young people regardless of whether they consider themselves to be a youth worker. 

Judging process

With the exception of the Making a Difference category all nominations are considered by a panel of sector representatives including representation from both the voluntary and statutory sector.
Judges are provided a scoring criteria based on the questions on the application forms and all applications are given full consideration and sifted, ahead of finalists being decided. Welsh Government co-ordinate the process to ensure judges maintain appropriate rigor and fairness throughout. 


Nominations are currently closed and will re-open in Autumn 2019 for the 2020 Awards. Details of the nomination process will be provided when the process re-opens.  The finalists for the 2019 awards have been announced.

For all enquiries please e-mail