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Kirsty William, AS for Education

First published:
10 November 2020
Last updated:

It is my intention to direct Qualifications Wales that there should be no end of year exams for Qualifications Wales approved GCSE, AS and A level qualifications in 2021.

This is in line with the recommendations of both Qualifications Wales and the Independent Review.

The primary reason for my decision is down to fairness; the time learners will spend in schools and colleges will vary hugely and, in this situation, it is impossible to guarantee a level playing field for exams to take place.

  • Instead of exams, we intend to work with teachers to take forward teacher-managed assessments.
  • These should include assessments that will be externally set and marked, but delivered within a classroom environment under teacher supervision.
  • My expectation is that these will form the basis for centre-based outcomes, which will be linked to an agreed national approach to provide consistency across Wales.  

I will be delivering an Oral Statement to members later today, where I will provide more details and give Members of the Senedd the opportunity to ask questions.

I have also sent a letter to all secondary schools and colleges informing them of my decision.