The Wales Act 2014 and Wales Act 2017 devolved taxation and borrowing powers to the Welsh Government and National Assembly for Wales.

First published:
31 January 2019
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Land Transaction Tax

Landfill Disposals Tax

Income Tax

New taxes

Fiscal framework

Tax revenues from new devolved taxes directly fund public services in Wales.

In December 2016 funding arrangements were agreed between the Welsh Government and the UK government. Meeting as the Joint Exchequer Committee, they agreed a new fiscal framework.

Tax policy framework

The Welsh tax policy framework sets out the Welsh Government’s general approach to taxation, our strategic objectives and key challenges.

Wales Act reports

Welsh Ministers’ annual reports on the implementation and operation of Part 2 (Finance) of the Wales Act 2014.

  • 2018

    11 December 2018 Report
  • 2017

    13 December 2017 Report
  • 2016

    14 December 2016 Report
  • 2015

    7 December 2015 Report

Holtham Commission reports

Reports by, or commissioned by the Independent Commission on Funding and Finance for Wales.