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Explains how we manage and expect people to use our social media channels.

First published:
21 January 2020
Last updated:

We operate different channels across different platforms to help communicate the work we do.

We want our accounts to be safe and respectful places for everyone, so we ask you to follow a few simple house rules. Of course you are free to scrutinise, criticise and air your views.

We encourage you to:

  • post your feedback
  • ask questions
  • tell us about your stories and experiences

You are wholly responsible for content you post including any content you choose to share.

If we feel that a post is offensive or includes inappropriate content, we will remove it in whole or in part.

We will remove any post that contains personal information.

We reserve the right to block and report users whose posts are:

  • abusive or obscene, for example racist, sexist, homophobic or sexually explicit
  • deceptive or misleading
  • violate any law or regulation.
  • violate any intellectual property rights
  • spam (persistent negative or abusive posts which aim to provoke a response)
  • advertisements or promotional

How we manage our accounts

Our social media channels are run by civil servants who are bound by the Civil Service Code.

We monitor our accounts from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (not including public holidays).

We’ll always try our best to answer your questions, but with so many messages may not be able to respond to all enquiries.

Enquiries or questions which cannot be answered through social media will be redirected to where is most appropriate.

We try our best to give you correct information. If we make a mistake we will try to rectify the situation and quickly provide the correct information.

Please tell us if you think we’ve made a mistake or you see anything you think is inappropriate or are concerned about.

We reserve the right to delete our accounts at any time.