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How we are working towards a bilingual Wales.

This page contains links to further information concerning ongoing work to promote language equality.

Welsh Language

The native language of Wales is Welsh. Almost all of the population also speaks English and both languages have equal status in Wales. Language is part of a nation’s identity. The Welsh Government intends that Wales should be seen as a truly bilingual nation.

British Sign Language

In January 2004 we stated we recognise British Sign Language as a language in its own right and followed that statement by establishing a Task and Finish Group to investigate BSL/Spoken Language interpreter services in Wales. Following the publication of the Group’s report in December 2004, we’ve made significant progress towards implementing its recommendations.

BSL is a visual, spatial language with its own grammar, syntax, idioms, and regional variations. BSL is the first, or preferred language of an estimated 3,000 citizens of Wales.