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Preventing harm

Pills spilling out of bottle

We want to help people resist or reduce substance misuse by providing information about the damage it can cause.

Preventing future substance misuse is as important as treating the established problem. We want to ensure that everyone understands the consequences of misusing drugs or alcohol and knows where to get support.

We will continue to concentrate on educating children and young people. The All Wales School Liaison Core Programme (external link) is a substance misuse education and crime prevention initiative.  It is jointly funded by the Welsh Government and the four Welsh Police Forces.


We will also do more to influence attitudes across the whole population. In particular, we will place a greater focus on increasing people’s awareness of the amount of alcohol they are drinking and the associated risks.

We want to encourage people in Wales to take responsibility for their overall consumption and follow sensible drinking guidelines. For more information on responsible drinking visit NHS Direct Wales (external link)