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Police vehicle.

Participation and co-operation of the police and the Welsh Government is essential in building a safe, secure and prosperous Wales. 

Whilst policing is non devolved, the 4 Welsh police forces and British Transport Police are committed to partnership working and have strong links with the Welsh Government. They have a permanent police presence at the Welsh Government in the form of 3 seconded officers, a Chief superintendent and 2 inspectors along with 2 administrators, who make up the Police Liaison Team.

The Police Liaison Team provides a single point of contact with the four Welsh forces and British Transport Police. They work close with the Community Safety Division and engage on police and community safety related matters with officials from across Welsh Government and the National Assembly.

General information on the Welsh Police forces is available from the below web sites:

Dyfed-Powys Police

Gwent Police

North Wales Police

South Wales Police

British Transport Police