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Flexible Funding

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The overall aim of this evaluation is to provide robust and timely information on the implementation of the Flexible Funding Programme.
We have produced non-statutory guidance to assist those who have a role in providing parenting support.
Our policy and funding framework for delivering housing related support to vulnerable people.
This grant provides £4.330m on a regional basis, to projects aimed at diverting young people away from crime and anti-social behaviour.
Assists homeless people or people threatened with homelessness.
The law requires all landlords to register and agents and self-managing landlords to obtain a licence.
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From April 2019 we will move ahead with establishing a Children and Communities Grant, encompassing Flying Start, Families First, the Legacy Fund, Promoting Positive Engagement for Young People, St David’s Day Fund, Communities for Work Plus and Childcare and Play.  

We will also introduce a single Housing Support Grant encompassing Supporting People, Homelessness Prevention and Rent Smart Wales Enforcement.

These arrangements will remain in place for the remainder of this Assembly term and will apply to all local authorities in Wales. 

During this year we have been testing a new way of working in seven local authorities and at a public service board level. The aim of this work was to bring together a number of grants to strengthen the ability of local authorities and their partners to deliver preventative services focused on early intervention for those in the greatest need.  

The interim evaluation demonstrates the potential for improved outcomes arising from better integrated services. Planning, commissioning and delivering services which reflect the complexity of people’s lives and the inter-relationships between their support needs must be the right approach. 

The evaluation has also highlighted a variety of views about the opportunities for alignment between the grants included in the pathfinder arrangements. There is a natural alignment between the housing-related grants which form part of the Early Intervention, Prevention and Support Grant and a similar alignment between the non-housing-related grants. 

After carefully considering the results of the interim evaluation report, we have decided we should develop two grants, separating the housing-related grants from non-housing elements for all local authorities.

We will continue to work in partnership with local authorities and our wider stakeholders, including by providing support to the non-pathfinders, to take forward the new arrangements to emphasise the importance of early intervention and prevention.

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