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Community asset transfer

Illustration shows different sets of people’s arms using a computer, a phone, magnifying glass a book and tablet.
Asset transfers present opportunities for the community to own and manage facilities that might otherwise be closed down because the local authority is unable to subsidise them any longer.

Communities are often well placed to deliver or help provide vital local services tailored to the needs of their residents.

Asset transfer involves the transfer of the ownership of land or buildings from organisations such as local authorities to community groups, for example local sports clubs, trusts, arts facilities, libraries, theatres and buildings of historical interest.

Sometimes, the transfer may be at a discounted price if there is a benefit to the local community.

We want to provide community groups with the knowledge and tools to take ownership, where appropriate, of these facilities and services and we have put together this guidance to help you.

All of this could seem daunting, but there are organisations that can give you a lot of help and advice at different stages.

Our resources page provides links and a brief description of the help that you may be able to access.