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Physical Adaptations Grant

We fund Physical Adaptations Grants (PAG) from our Social Housing Grant (SHG) programme.

The grant provides funding to Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) to adapt homes for RSL tenants in Wales with an identified need.  

What can the grant be used for?

A community occupational therapist will assess what works are suitable and necessary. Typical works can include:

  • bathroom adaptations - replacing a bath with a level access shower and all associated works
  • stair-lifts / lifts - providing stair-lifts or through floor lifts
  • hoists - providing hoists and associated works to assist tenants and their carers to move the tenant safely and conveniently around their home 
  • kitchen adaptations - provision of variable height units
  • access aids - ramps, alterations to driveways or paths, hand-rails and grab-rails
  • other miscellaneous adaptations - carports, door restrictors, door opening systems.

In some cases major works can be funded, if required. These could include structural changes to the property such as extensions for ground floor bathrooms or bedrooms

Who can apply?

The application is made by the RSL on behalf of the tenant. We will assess the application for value for money and design. If the works are approved, then the RSL carries out the adaptations and claims the approved grant after completion.