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Autism Spectrum Disorder Strategic Action Plan

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A new waiting time target, an improved diagnostic pathway and a better integrated service for adults and children with autism was announced today.
Rebecca Evans Minister for Social Services and Public Health
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We are committed to working to improve the lives of children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

We understand the challenges people with autism and their families face every day. Effective support services are vital. 

Wales was the first country in the UK to take a national approach to autism when we launched the ASD Strategic Action Plan in 2008.

The National Integrated Autism Service supports work to achieve the aims of the plan.   

The plan outlines actions to:

  • introduce a 26-week waiting time target from referral to first appointment for children with autism
  • transform the education support for  children with ASD
  • implement a national assessment pathway for children
  • improve employment opportunities for people with autism
  • support organisations to become Autism-friendly
  • publicise information and resources.

This annual report gives an update on the progress made in delivering these commitments.