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Cross border healthcare and patient mobility - guidance for the NHS

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Advice on handling requests from patients for treatment in countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) and requests from patients from the EEA requesting treatment in Wales.

This guidance is for Local Health Boards (LHBs) in Wales in handling requests from the public to go to other countries of the EEA, seeking treatment they are entitled to under the NHS. The guidance will also help respond to requests from residents of other EEA countries who seek treatment in Wales.

Directive 2011/24/EC

The directive was adopted in April 2011. It aims to establish consistent procedures across Europe where people choose to travel to another Member State for treatment. It is intended to ensure safety and high quality when accessing healthcare services in another Member State.

Telemedicine Directions 2015/17

The directions relating to Telemedicine were adopted in July 2015.  They supplement the EU Directive as above with specific direction to Local Health Boards and the Welsh Ambulance Service Trust. They cover reimbursement for healthcare that has been delivered in another Member state remotely, under the terms of the directive.

The guidance contains more detailed information on the directive, and telemedicine directions.