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Mental health and learning disabilities

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Promoting better mental wellbeing and preventing mental health problems.
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The Chief Nursing Officer (CNO) is responsible for mental health nursing and learning disability.

Mental health nursing

All nurses and midwives across Wales have a responsibility to promote the mental wellbeing of people across Wales. “Together for mental health - a strategy for mental health and wellbeing in Wales” is a 10-year strategy which aims to improve the lives of people using mental health services, their carers and their families. 

Learning Disability Nursing

The CNO leads on behalf of the other UK and Eire CNO’s on “Strengthening the Commitment”. The report strives for excellence in learning disability nursing. Each country has developed its own implementation plan to reflect this UK strategy. Within Wales the implementation of the second phase of the strategy is underway.
All nurses and midwives across Wales have a responsibility in supporting the health needs of people with learning disabilities. “Improving general hospital care for people who have learning disabilities” (external link) is a wider initiative aimed at supporting people with learning disabilities to have fair and equal access to good quality health care.

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

A revised set of ‘Once for Wales’ Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) forms have been developed to support managing authorities and supervisory bodies. The forms will:

  • comply with legal requirements
  • ensuring consistency of practice
  • reduce as much as possible the administrative burden associated with a DoLS authorisation. 

Learning disability – Improving lives programme

The improving lives programme emerged from the challenge in the Welsh Government’s strategy - 'Prosperity for All' to look at the services we provide to ensure they support everyone to live a healthy, prosperous and rewarding life. We have, therefore, undertaken this review to better understand whether people with a learning disability have what they need to lead successful lives. 

The programme began in February 2017 with a wide ranging review that considered what a person, along with their families and carers, may require across their life course and how these needs are currently being met.