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Special Care Dentistry

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This document explains progress on specific actions identified in the implementation plan.
The Minister for Health and Social Services has approved an Implementation Plan for Special Care Dentistry in Wales.
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Improving the oral health of vulnerable individuals and groups in society. 

Following a review of Special Care Dentistry in Wales, the Minister for Health and Social Services has approved an implementation plan developed by an independent expert group.

A Strategic Advisory Group will meet biannually to monitor:

  • progress and outcomes
  • identify operational issues
  • facilitate the development of guidance documents for Local Health Boards.

Special care dentistry includes adults and young patients with a physical, sensory, intellectual, mental, medical, emotional or social impairment or disability.

All Wales Special Interest Group

The All Wales Special Interest Group (external link) in oral health care advises the dental profession, health care professionals and the general public about issues affecting the oral health of disabled people.

Improving oral health care for older people living in care homes in Wales

Annual report 2016-17 for our programme to improve oral hygiene and mouth care by developing a consistent all-Wales approach.