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Heart disease 

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The latest heart conditions delivery plan has been published.  

It provides details of our plans for everyone with or at risk of a heart condition. 

We are committed to minimising the incidence of preventable heart disease and ensuring high quality access to care. 

We have made progress in improving the care of people with a heart condition in Wales. There has been a steady decline in the rate of people in Wales dying from all cardiovascular disease: 

  • in 2010 just over 10,000 people died from cardiovascular disease, by 2015 this had fallen to just over 9,000 deaths.
  • the rate of hospital admissions for coronary heart disease has fallen over the last five years, by 21%. 
  • the rate of hospital admissions for both cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease has fallen over the last five years, by 10% and 21% respectively.

Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest Plan 

We are committed to improving the survival of people who suffer a cardiac arrest in Wales. The success of the plan depends upon the commitment and action of many individuals and organisations.

The plan concentrates on these main areas: 
  • prompt recognition and call for help 
  • early CPR to buy time 
  • early defibrillation to restart the heart 
  • rapid access to advanced resuscitation 
  • prompt, high quality post resuscitation care 
  • transport to the nearest appropriate hospital 
  • co-ordinated rehabilitation services.