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These are the main milestones which will allow staff and stakeholders to engage in the HEIW programme.

September 2017

  • announce the functions that will move to the new body
  • announce the location of the office
  • staff engagement session – opportunity for staff to discuss any worries and concerns about the establishment of the new organisation.They were also able to hear from their senior teams about the opportunities that HEIW offers
  • begin recruitment process for Independent Board members
  • start recruitment for Chief Executive.

October 2017

  • announce the location of the office

November 2017

  • second stakeholder event to take place
  • announce the name of the Chief Executive
  • begin the recruitment of the senior team.


  • announce the names of the Independent Board members
  • announce names of Senior Executive members
  • final event for staff and stakeholders to prepare for April when HEIW is established.