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Health of homeless and specific vulnerable groups

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Person sleeping in a doorway

People who are homeless, vulnerable to homelessness or at risk of moving frequently, often experience worse physical and mental health than other groups in society.

People who are homeless

We know there are links between health and homelessness and that poor health is both a cause and consequence of homelessness. Without stable accommodation or an address it is very difficult to begin and complete a course of treatment.

Vulnerable groups

Vulnerable Groups, people who are at risk of moving frequently, include Gypsy Travellers, EU migrants who are living in vulnerable circumstances, asylum seekers and refugees. They can often face a number of obstacles when trying to access both the treatment they need and ongoing engagement with health services.

In this section, we will show what we are doing to ensure that all people have access to good quality healthcare, health promotion and preventative services. We also want a change of culture in Wales so that access to good healthcare and secure tenancies are viewed as equally important.