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Tobacco displays

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New laws introduced on the display of tobacco products.

Small stores

From 6 April 2015, retailers whose stores are less than 280 square metres will have to cover their tobacco displays. If you sell tobacco you will need to:

  • make sure that tobacco products are not displayed to the public (apart from in limited circumstances which are explained below), and
  • make sure that the prices of tobacco products are only displayed in the formats set out in the new law.

Retailers need to start preparing now for the changes.

When the new display law comes in, smokers will continue to be able to buy their cigarettes and tobacco exactly as they do now. The new rules will not limit availability.

Large stores

A ban on the display of tobacco products in large shops and supermarkets was introduced in December 2012. It is hoped this will discourage young people from taking up smoking.

Tobacco can still be able to be displayed when staff are serving customers and are carrying out restocking.

A plain A3 price list with no tobacco branding can be shown at the point of sale, with an illustrated price list available to customers on request. You may be asked for proof of age before being shown the illustrated list.

Guidance for businesses has been published by the Welsh Government. This helps owners of premises and regulatory officers to understand the requirements of the laws.

Contact your local Trading Standards Officer (external link) for advice on the changes