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Woodlands for people

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The consultation seeks your views on our proposed ambition, goals and actions and asks how we can deliver the Nature Recovery Plan together to best effect.

Woodlands are a valuable setting for a wide range of community activities and public involvement for all sectors of society.

They can help to:

  • improve people’s health and well-being
  • support community development
  • provide learning opportunities.

In many cases, the same activities can support economic objectives such as job creation and enterprise development. These jobs and businesses may involve:

  • the direct use of trees and timber products
  • the use of woodlands as a setting for recreation, leisure and tourism enterprises.

These are a significant part of the Welsh economy particularly in rural areas.

Woodlands have an important role to play in supporting Wales’s communities, in terms of:

  • health 
  • education skills and training
  • job creation
  • income generation
  • making our communities better places to live.

To make the most of all of these opportunities, we want to make sure that the woodlands of Wales, especially those in the public forest estate, are managed in ways that can support the objectives of local communities including the most disadvantaged and minority and hard to reach groups.

We provide well-designed, high quality and welcoming facilities on the public estate. We want to encourage people from all sections of society to be more physically active and to enjoy the outdoors, contributing to the health agenda.