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Our strategy (Woodlands for Wales)

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The Woodlands for Wales forestry strategy sets out a bold ambition for how woodlands and trees could contribute even more to the people of Wales.

It is framed around Welsh woodlands and trees as a basis for delivery across four strategic themes: 

  • responding to climate change – coping with climate change and helping reduce our carbon footprint
  • woodlands for people – serving local needs for health, education and jobs
  • a competitive and integrated forest sector – innovative, skilled industries supplying renewable products from Wales
  • environmental quality – making a positive contribution to biodiversity, landscapes and heritage, and reducing other environmental pressures.

The nature, quality, distribution and management of our trees and woodlands underpins our forestry strategy and we have identified six key outcomes to strengthen this foundation to ensure that it will be fit to meet the needs of the next 50 years and beyond:

  • more woodlands and trees are managed sustainably
  • woodland ecosystems are healthy and resilient
  • woodlands are better adapted to deliver a full range of benefits
  • woodland cover in Wales increases
  • the management of woodlands and trees is more closely related to that of other land uses
  • urban woodlands and trees deliver a full range of benefits.

Action Plan

A series of action plans will set out the actions and activities of all those with an interest in delivering the long term ambitions of the Strategy. The current Action Plan runs until 31 March 2020.