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The Waste Procurement Programme Office (WPPO) will develop and circulate guidance and best practice specific to food and residual waste programmes in Wales.

What guidance is being prepared?

The guidance produced by the WPPO will cover:

  • project preparation and business case production
  • a national evaluation framework which projects and bidders’ proposals can be evaluated against
  • project health checks
  • procurement timetables and the competitive dialogue procedure
  • standard contract terms for food and residual waste contracts including:
    • output specifications
    • payment mechanisms
    • performance regimes
  • guidance on planning, permitting and site selection / acquisition.


Other useful guidance is available from Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) Waste Infrastructure Delivery Programme website (external link). While this guidance relates procurement of residual waste projects in England, many of the issues are generic and relevant to projects in Wales.

Waste Procurement and Planning: Guidance on Identifying Sites – Version 2

This paper supports the delivery of the Waste Programmes in Wales. It also provides a summary of the guidance in the Regional Waste Plans to help the Procurement Hubs identify suitable sites.