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Employment and regional electricity generation

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This report examines how jobs are connected to different large scale electricity generation technologies in Wales.

We commissioned this report to help us understand how many Welsh jobs are supported by the operation of electricity generating facilities in Wales. It also estimates how many jobs are created in the development and construction of power stations.

The report assesses the current skills levels and future requirements for electricity generating technologies in Wales.

Main findings of the report

  • The energy sector can help regionally transform the Welsh Economy, creating new jobs and new opportunities including in rural and deprived regions.
  • Large scale electricity projects in Wales currently provide high financial returns to investors. The strongest benefit from these projects to Wales is through the employment opportunities involved in building and operating them.
  • Jobs tend to be highly skilled and well paid. The energy industry employs more professionals, associate professionals, skilled trades, sales and customer service occupations than the Wales average.
  • If realised, growth across many of the renewable sectors in Wales could result in an  increased demand for jobs and skills in those sectors.
  • Whilst skills vary from one energy technology to the next, it is expected that there will be an increasing demand for greater skilled employees.

This report was written for us by Cardiff Business School and Regneris Consulting.