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Bioenergy action plan for Wales

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We want to secure a sustainable environment. As part of our work towards this, we are developing a Bioenergy Action Plan.

Our aims for bioenergy are to:

  • optimise the benefits of bioenergy use in Wales to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions,
  • contribute to long-term fuel security,
  • encourage the development of sustainable forestry and agriculture,
  • support business development and job creation in all parts of the biomass energy sector.


We consultated between February and May 2009. We received about 60 detailed responses. After assessing the responses, we published our Response to the Consultation. This identified some changes to the original actions and included five new ‘general actions’.

Progress report

We have been working with Natural Resources Wales, the Department for Energy and Climate Change, the wood fuel industry and Local Authorities to address the actions.

This Report:

  • provides an update on progress,
  • identifies actions that are complete or managed through other programmes,
  • refers to UK Government scenarios for possible bioenergy development to 2050,
  • highlights areas where more work is needed.

There were 46 actions that needed to be addressed in Wales. 25 of these have been completed or are being addressed by our on-going work.