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How we will make a difference

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A consultation on managing our natural resources in Wales.

In Energy Wales, we have committed to achieving a low carbon economy – this is what we will do to achieve it.

As we deliver, we also want to deliver economic benefits, jobs, and community benefits. We also need to carefully manage our natural environment.

We will:

  • Engage and support businesses that help us to achieve our low carbon ambition 
  • Strive to ensure that our regulatory processes are as simple and efficient as they can be 
  • Engage the UK Government so there is a framework for development of a low carbon economy and that they address current inequalities
  • Support our vital energy intensive industries
  • Become more energy efficient
  • Focus on low carbon sources of energy generation and approaches and deliver lower emissions
  • Help the most vulnerable in Welsh society and ensure that costs of reform do not fall disproportionately on poor households
  • Make the most sustainable use of Wales’ resources through Sustaining a Living Wales and Towards Zero Waste.

We are committed to ensuring that our action on energy supports Wales’ move to a low carbon economy and maximises the opportunity to generate long term wealth. We will do this by focusing on:

  • Providing leadership on Energy in Wales
  • Maximising the benefits energy can deliver for Wales
  • Acting for Wales’ long term energy future.

The First Minister gave an oral statement on our progress on 14 May 2013.