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What will the Natural Resource Management Programme do?

The Natural Resource Management programme has been created to take forward the policy commitments proposed in the Sustaining a Living Wales consultation.

The programme includes:

  • natural resource management policy, including the setting of national priorities
  • the Environment Bill
  • embedding the ecosystem approach, including associated demonstration projects which will showcase the benefits this approach can bring, and from which we can learn about how and when the approach can be used 
  • working with Natural Resources Wales and coordinating performance management arrangements
  • communications, engagement and knowledge sharing.

Environment Bill

The Environment Bill will ensure we have the right legislative framework in place to manage our natural resources in a joined-up way, to which we committed in the Programme for Government.

A White Paper was published for consultation on 23 October 2013 and was open until 15 January 2014 for your views.

The proposals in the Environment Bill are closely linked to the wider programme of reform and simplification being taken forward through the Future Generations Bill and Planning Reform Bill. Together, these Bills aim to deliver economic, social and environmental benefits for Wales.

Environment Strategy

We are considering how the Environment Strategy for Wales and its reporting functions are taken forward. This is in the light of the work undertaken since the launch of the Environment Strategy.

The strategy was published in May 2006. It set out what we wanted to achieve in 20 years time, i.e. by 2026, and how to get there.

The last Environment Strategy annual progress report for 2010 – 2011 was published at the end of 2011. This coincided with the end of the second action plan. The most recent State of the Environment Report was published in July 2012.

Since the launch of this strategy we have published:

We are currently reviewing the Environment Strategy to ensure that we reflect the relevant commitments in the Natural Resource Management Programme.

Living Wales

We started to develop the Natural Environment Framework (NEF) also known as Living Wales to respond to failing to meet our biodiversity targets. We also took a more fundamental look at how we value and manage the Welsh environment as a whole. This work resulted in a consultation, Sustaining a Living Wales, in 2012 and the creation of the Natural Resource Management Programme.