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Section 14 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 provides power for the National Assembly for Wales to issue Codes of Practice to promote animal welfare.
Although it is not a legal requirement to follow a code, failure to do so may be used as evidence when someone is being prosecuted for causing unnecessary pain to livestock.
"It is vital we improve awareness of the issues around snaring and we will continue to work closely with our partners to make sure the messages from the Code are widely disseminated and publicised."
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Advice for people dealing with problems caused by foxes.

Many people enjoy seeing foxes around their homes or in the countryside. However, foxes can sometimes cause problems and damage.  

The advisory leaflets on foxes in rural and urban areas should help you overcome the most common problems caused by foxes.

The Code of Best Practice on the Use of Snares in Fox Control is aimed at those who use snares in the countryside. If you follow the advice in the Code you should be operating within the law regarding animal welfare and avoiding non-target species.

This Code of Practice is issued under section 14 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 (external link) (the “Act”). The Act makes it an offence for a person to cause unnecessary suffering to an animal under their control. This applies to an animal in a snare.

Breach of a provision of this Code is not an offence in itself.  However, if proceedings are brought against you for an offence under the Act, the court may take into account the extent to which you have complied with the Code in deciding if you have committed an offence or met the required standard of care. You should not cause any unnecessary suffering to an animal; this could constitute a serious offence under the Act.

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