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Prioritised action framework for Natura 2000 sites

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The framework is a planning tool which sets out how member states of the European Union propose to manage their Natura 2000 sites, and how these management activities are to be funded.

The purpose of the Prioritised Action Framework (PAF) is to help member states prioritise the actions required and define the funding required. This approach will facilitate the integration of these required actions into the various EU funding programmes, such as structural funds and the Rural communities - Rural Development Programmes.  

In the UK it has been agreed that certain sections of the PAF, covering site statistics and conservation status data, would be completed at a UK level (sections A-B). Sections C-H, covering legal provisions, priorities and funding objectives have been completed at country level (e.g: Wales). The sections covering Wales are referred to as the Welsh section of the PAF.  

Separate country sections also exist for Scotland, England and Northern Ireland. Each has their own priorities for restoration and habitat management.

The first UK PAF and regional annexes were submitted to the European Commission in early 2013.

Natural Resources Wales (NRW), on behalf of the Welsh Government, has produced an updated Welsh section of the UK PAF. The outcomes from the NRW LIFE Natura 2000 Programme (LIFE11 NAT/UK/385) (external link) form the basis of the revised version.

Appendix B – LIFE Natura 2000 Programme for Wales: Approach to Prioritisation (external link) of the updated Welsh section is also available on the Natural Resources Wales website.

The updated Welsh section of the UK PAF was submitted to the European Commission in early 2016.