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Preparing for a changing climate - Part 1: Starting

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A DVD encouraging public bodies to reduce their carbon emissions and plan for a changing climate.
Part 2 involves refining your climate change impacts identified in Part 1, and identifying levels of sensitivity and adaptive capacity.
In this Policy Statement, we set out the challenge of a changing climate and the Welsh Government response.
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Part 1 starts by setting out what we mean by ‘preparing for a changing climate’, and showing why it’s important and worthwhile.

Preparing for a changing climate is a relatively new and fast-moving area of work. The Guidance reflects this and recognises that there is no single, uniformly-applicable process for adapting to climate change.

Part 1 highlights some linkages with other work, for example with sustainable development, and suggests what good preparation might look like. It also involves learning about how the climate has already changed, how your organisation has been affected by weather in the past, and what you are already doing that counts as preparing for climate change (adaptation).

Part 1 helps you understand how to communicate key messages about adaptation, develop partnerships and a network of contacts who can help with your adaptation work, and gain support from senior management.

Sample presentation

Part 1 refers to a sample presentation that can be altered for your specific needs and used to introduce stakeholders to preparing for a changing climate.

Download the presentation (PowerPoint).