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Policy Statement: Preparing for a changing climate

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Part 1 starts by setting out what we mean by ‘preparing for a changing climate’, and showing why it’s important and worthwhile.
Part 2 involves refining your climate change impacts identified in Part 1, and identifying levels of sensitivity and adaptive capacity.
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In this Policy Statement, we set out the challenge of a changing climate and the Welsh Government response, including how we will implement relevant provisions of the Climate Change Act 2008.

Climate change is one of the greatest environmental, economic and social challenges facing the planet. The robust scientific case for human-induced climate change underpins the Welsh Government’s commitment to lead action on tackling climate change. Measuring carbon footprints is becoming mainstream, and many public sector bodies, businesses and individuals are taking action to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

The Welsh Government is committed to deliver sustained reductions in emissions, but we are also committed to ensuring that Wales is well-prepared to manage the consequences of a changing climate. As part of this we need to boost awareness, engagement and action on adapting to the impacts of climate change.

The Policy Statement sets out the challenge and the Welsh Government's response.