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Wales Animal Health and Welfare Framework - Biosecurity survey

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The Wales Animal Health and Welfare Framework is our plan for improving animal health & welfare standards for kept animals.
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The Wales Animal Health and Welfare Framework Group are working in partnership with us to raise awareness of good biosecurity practices and the benefits these can bring.

Biosecurity needs to be considered on farm as it:

  • helps protect the health of animals by preventing the spread of infectious animal diseases between farms and within farms
  • less disease means healthier animals and a better profit margin
  • helps to protect the health of people
  • helps industry to control and eradicate costly disease.

The key objective of the survey is to assess the level of understanding of biosecurity amongst farmers, in particular:

  • current knowledge and understanding of biosecurity
  • what biosecurity practices are currently used on farms
  • the preferred ways for seeking out and receiving information is sought on biosecurity.

The Biosecurity Survey Report presents the results of this survey and the response from the Chief Veterinary Officer for Wales.

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